Milwaukee Man Gets 5 Years for Fatal Hit-And-Run Car Accident

A Milwaukee man was recently sentenced to five years in prison for driving drunk and causing a hit-and-run car accident that killed a motorcyclist last September.

The car accident occurred on Sept. 13, 2009, when 48-year-old Michael Dorsey, of Milwaukee, was driving his sports utility vehicle northbound on Green Bay Avenue while intoxicated and swerved onto West Congress Street, causing his vehicle to collide with 24-year-old motorcyclist Brandon Boston. Dorsey fled the scene of the accident shortly after it happened and failed to even check to see if Boston was ok following the fatal accident.

Reports did confirm that Boston was wearing a safety helmet but that it flew off his head during the crash. However, Boston was pronounced dead shortly after at Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa from fatal injuries sustained during the crash.

In other news…

Two Weekend Car Accidents Leave Six Injured in Milwaukee

Two separate car accidents in Milwaukee over the weekend has left 5 individuals recovering from moderate injuries and one woman fighting for her life.

The first accident occurred Saturday morning on Milwaukee’s north side near the intersection of Martin Luther King Drive and Ring Street. According to Milwaukee Police, the crash occurred when a vehicle traveling southbound on Martin Luther King Drive crossed the center line and struck a car traveling in the southbound lanes. The driver of the southbound car and two individuals in the northbound car were transported to a local hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. Police believe alcohol was a factor in this car accident and they’v retained boca raton personal injury lawyers.

Hurt After a Car Accident in Ohio

The law corporation is specialized in aiding sufferers of car accidents throughout Ohio’s State. Statistically, car crashes cases displayed by car accident attorneys result that was seasoned in greater negotiations for subjects. The consumers have acquired vast amounts. Shouldn’t you offer for your household and be doing that which you may to safeguard?

Along with being traumatized by an automobile accident, insurance companies frustrate by the setbacks many individuals. In such cases car wreck attorneys can help. Whether it’s currently keeping your state going through the insurance network or suing to have only settlement in Iowa; car wreck lawyers can help.

It’ll set you back nothing except your situation is satisfied. Call an Akron car accident lawyer or complete a case examination form nowadays and acquire free advice about your accident from of our Iowa car accident attorneys.

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Our Enthusiasm for Helping People

Florida Injury Attorney, is dedicated to aiding people protected cash if they are wounded through no fault of their own. Our firms legitimate team is really enthusiastic in what we do. Our aim is to offer our customers. We highlight retaining connection that is, steady that is available. We usually spend close attention to our clients needs. Although our consumers focus on recovering, we give attention to obtaining compensation they have to proceed in life.

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Trucking Industry to take advantage of Driverless Car Drive

That is mainly due to the competitive drive being made for automobiles that are sovereign. Based on Wolfgang Bernard with Daimler, the time national laws enforced and regulation is completed, his business will soon prepare yourself with the primary sovereign tractor trailer.

Ultimately, the firm expects to make greener, safer, and more efficient robotic trucks which are also more appealing to future motorists.

Based on the preceding work on sovereign and motorist assistance systems for passenger cars that are upmarket of Mercedes Benz, it enables trucks to operate at rates up to 53 miles per hour with complete autonomy on public roads.

The Potentials Advantages of ‘Driverless Trucks’ and more trucking accidents.
Could get rid of the lack of motorists
New security systems in place designed to counter motorist problems that are common, that impact road security, including drowsy driving.
Could decrease the amount of truck crashes and deadly bus
Critics Suspicious of ‘Driverless Trucks’
The seeds have been put though widespread deployment of sovereign trucks is still a way away. For more information, a business that studies and reviews fleet management software, Software Advice, ran a survey of 385 adults to see what folks think relating to this technology. Most individuals surveyed don’t trust these sort of vehicles on the ride.

Girls were more likely than men to believe that vehicles could be more dangerous than vehicles used by human beings.
Most respondents could not be comfortable with driverless semi-trucks, even though it meant decreased carbon emissions or more affordable consumer products.
Challenges Ahead
No lack of hurdles stays for sovereign truck to hit on the highways in amounts. Daimler representatives have said that:

Local laws should take effect, enabling motorists to let go of the steering wheel.
The FMCSA will need to execute/compose new rules when using sovereign trucks, motorists must follow
Our Ideas
While welcome chances increase and in technology that encourage highway safety, the verdict is still out on tractor trailers that are sovereign. Before the road was hit by these futuristic semis, they need to be 100 percent dependable.

In theory, personal injury attorneys would be place by driverless vehicles out of business. In the end, producers tout crashes will be dramatically reduced by them. Few civil lawsuits are meant by fewer crashes. But however, injuries will be unavoidable–despite the innovative technology.

That said, what goes on when a driverless 18wheeler kills someone? Robots cannot just be charged using a crime.

Bottom line, there are a lot of unknowns. As robots be incorporated into society and our everyday life all together, lawmakers must wrestle with hold applications responsible and the best way to handle machines.

Chemical Dependency Assessments & Added Demands for Washington State DUI Arrests

While all DUI cases are very different, there are a few jobs so that you can finally solve their cases all drivers arrested for DUI Tacoma will probably have to finish. Among those is getting a Chemical Dependency Assessment & complying with its recommendation.

Especially, RCW 46.61.506 states:

A diagnostic assessment and treatment recommendation will be ready under the direction of the court via an alcoholism agency accepted by the department of societal and health services or a qualified probation department accepted by the department of societal and health services. A duplicate of the report will be forwarded to the department of licensing as well as the court. On the basis of the diagnostic assessment, the court shall ascertain if the individual shall be required to perform a class in a alcohol information school accepted by the department of societal and wellness services or more intensive treatment in a plan accepted by the department of societal and well-being services…

The court shall notify the department of licensing it orders someone to finish a course or treatment plan under this particular section.

Farther, WAC 388-877B-0550 states:

Driving under the influence (DUI) evaluation services are diagnostic services requested by way of a court to establish a person ‘s engagement with alcohol along with other substances and also to advocate a plan of action.

In The Event the advice in subsection (3)(a) through (d) of the section is necessary and not easily obtainable, the record must include documentation of efforts to get the data.

Upon finishing the DUI evaluation, the person must be: (a) Notified of the outcome of the evaluation; and (b) Referred to the correct amount of care in accordance with patient placement criteria (PPC).

A behavioral health agency certified for chemical dependency evaluation only services may elect to offer discretionary plan-unique DUI evaluation services. Elective DUI evaluation services require additional plan-specific certification by the office of behavioral well-being and restoration of the department.

Things to Do After a Bike Injury

In the purpose as it hits you while biking which you sense the effect of an automobile, your activities are going to be under the watchful attention of another driver, their insurance firm, as well as the cops called to the scene.

Phone the Cops
If you’re also have use of a telephone and competent, call the cops to report the injury immediately. You should report the injury even in the event you do not believe that your injuries are serious enough to need medical attention. Next, call a reputable car accident lawyer Pittsburgh Get the advice of the motorist associated with the crash as you await the coming of the cops.

Significant info to gather includes these matters.

Motorist’s name
Vehicle kind
Speak with Eyewitnesses
Speak to them just as possible whether there are any witnesses to the injury. You need to get witnesses’ names and contact information in case which you must communicate as time goes on with them.

Make Your Variation of the Injury Understood
Tell the authorities what you considered make certain you do not acknowledge error, and occurred; this may come back to harm your claim on, if you acknowledge error. Record your version of the occasions — when you are capable–maybe later on at home. Additionally, record any injuries, both mental and physical.

Shoot Graphics
Real signs are not unimportant, so maintain it! Shooting pictures of any signs in the injury is predominant. If you’re able to, shoot an image of another vehicle, damage to your own motorcycle, your injuries, and some other fundamental aspects of the injury scene (i.e. tire skid marks).

If you are in a motorcycle accident, you’ve got the right to continue a civil action from the driver when you have incurred damages and in the event the driver acted.

This list may be used to establish obligation and the negligence of the at fault party, and substantiate the degree of damages you have endured.

Florida Truck Accident Laws – What you Need to know

truck-driver-614191_1280It doesn’t get as much media coverage as the car accident but according to the most recent statistics truck and big rig accidents are on the increase in every state including Florida. The sunshine state has the honor of being in the top 5. And if you’re interested in statistics, check this out and pay attention to the last sentence. Texas leads the league in trucking accidents. Even worse, Texas tops the list most every year. Florida, doesn’t fare much better since their auto and truck accidents are double the national average.


Truck accident laws in Florida can be a bit more complex than laws pertaining to vehicle collisions. However, any type of commercial and private vehicle are covered by the Florida’s No Fault law! That said, like most anything in life, there are exceptions which is why a Weston Car Accident Lawyer who specializes in truck and big rig accidents can assist any person involved, in the nuances of the law. One point that should be made is that federal law also regulates truck operations in Florida if the truck, driver and company is involved in interstate commerce. Ergo, depending on the type of cargo being hauled, truck operators will usually be required to have and maintain substantial liability as well as other insurance.


One reason why Florida has so many accidents could target the Florida law that regulates both in-state and interstate traffic. The Florida law stipulates that interstate commerce crossing state lines must be insured for a minimum $750,000 to cover property damage and injury. It’s $5,000,000 if it’s hazardous material. As stated earlier, due to the complexity of Florida’s truck accident laws it would be incumbent upon the driver and company that is involved in any type of accident, fatality or not, to insure they have the business card of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney well versed in Florida laws and regulations in their rolodex to assist them in any filings of a lawsuit plus settlement of any claim.

What are Florida’s Drug Possession Laws

The State of Florida has some of the strictest laws governing the possession of illegal drugs and prescription drugs in the country. Drug possession laws in Florida are regulated under Florida Statutes, Title XLVI- Crimes, Chapter 893 – Drug abuse, prevention and control.
The offense is defined law offense by someone who intended to use the drugs for himself as opposed to someone who manufactured, distributed or intended to sell drugs.



There are several punishment levels for possession of different drugs based on the type of drug, such as marijuana, cocaine, heroine, crack, meth, ecstasy, etc. and the quantity found on a defendant or in an area where a defendant had control over, ex. his clothing, his car, his house, his place of work.


There are special areas such as child care facilities, schools, public parks, public buildings and community centers considered “drug free zone” where the punishment will be more severe if one is found with drugs within 1000 feet of that particular area.


There are different charges such as misdemeanor (three degrees) or felony (three degrees) that can be assigned to a person found in possession of unlawful drugs, for example, possession of 20 grams or less of marijuana for personal use is a first degree misdemeanor. Possessing more than 20 grams is considered a third degree felony.


Possession of unlawful chemicals used to manufacture drugs such as meth or ecstasy is a second degree felony and is punishable to up to 15 years in prison and fines of up to $10,000, while possession of more than 10 grams of heroine is a first degree felony.


Prescription drugs were largely abused in Florida where distribution of drugs through the so called ‘pill mills” was out of control. In the past few years the State of Florida acted on closing these facilities and punishing their doctors and their clients.


Florida State laws require more severe punishment for habitual offenders with previous felony convictions and for distribution and sale of drugs.

All About Bail Bonds: How They Work and How They Can Help

GoiDSCF2074ng to jail can be an unpleasant if not terrifying experience; particularly in the event that its something you’ve never been through. It is to your greatest advantage to escape from a penitentiary domain and back home at the earliest opportunity, and posting a safeguard bond can help you do only that. Here’s a short outline about safeguard bonds: how they work and how they can help when the going gets harsh.?


So as to ensure a court appearance by a defendant, a judge will set a certain measure of safeguard for that individual. Posting that measure of cash with the court serves to guarantee that a respondent will be at every last planned court appearance or he will hazard relinquishment. In return for posting safeguard, the individual can leave the penitentiary environment and do a reversal home while anticipating further procedures with his case. In the event that a respondent does not have enough individual assets to cover safeguard cash, he can decide to get a safeguard bond. Here’s the manner by which it meets expectations:?


*Once safeguard is requested, a companion or relative of the litigant will contact a safeguard operators or bondsman to organize posting.?
*Because the safeguard bond is viably a credit, there must be a co-underwriter on the bond. This co-underwriter for the most part needs to have verification of wage to qualify, or else he or the litigant must be willing to give insurance to cover the safeguard sum. There must be an assention between both sides that the co-endorser will be in charge of the credit if the litigant neglects to hold up his end of the deal with the court.?
*The safeguard operators or bondsman gets a rate of the measure of safeguard set by the judge as installment.?
*If whenever a respondent neglects to show up in court or vanishes through and through, it is the obligation of the co-endorser to reimburse the credit in full.?


On account of how the framework functions, it is in the co-underwriter’s best enthusiasm to verify the respondent is the place he should be at all times. Safeguard bonds can truly bail somebody out of some tight spots: truth be told, staying in prison for any time allotment is never a smart thought and ought to be dodged if at all conceivable.?


Vital Things to Remember While Choosing a Bail Bonds Service.
So how would you picked an organization with dependable safeguard bondsmen? Here are a few focuses to consider before settling on a choice:-?


Without any second thoughts, you must picked a safeguard bond benefit that is legitimately authorized by the state in which it is working. There are various punishments if a safeguard bondsman is discovered working without a permit. To guarantee that your safeguard administration is authorized, you can contact the state bureau of protection for fitting subtle elements.?


Like any business benefit, the nature of a bondsman is influenced by the measure of experience he holds in the field. An accomplished safeguard bondsman operators knows how to arrange terms in numerous befuddling situations made by courts and police offices in regards to the safeguard of the respondent. Every customer’s circumstances and venues are distinctive and just through substantial experience, a safeguard bondsman can add to a comprehension to secure his customer’s discharge in a fastest way.?


Adaptability is yet another critical element of a safeguard administration. Greater part of bondsman charge same expenses however there are some who give very surprising arrangements to distinctive set-ups. For example, some bondsmen give Mastercards installment with no insurance bonds. Some moderate safeguard securities administrations even offer financing to bail their customer escape from prison quickly. It is essential that the staff of your safeguard administration requires some investment to comprehend your money related position and gives a powerful arrangement coordinating your needs.?


The last and most vital variable to consider here is straightforward entry to your bondsman. Customers frequently need to have a decent access to their safeguard bondsmen at painfully inconvenient times amid day and night. This is not just successful amid the season of safeguard bond posting, additionally valuable while the respondent explores through the post discharge legal conventions. A potential safeguard administration ought to give simple access to the greater part of their customers 24/7.?


Figuring out somebody whom you cherish has been gotten by police and is kept in prison can be a stunning news for somebody who has never enjoyed any police or court action some time recently. Such kind of news can make a straightforward man’s reality flip around. Discovering a rumored safeguard bondsmen that is dependable and speedy at administration can have a tremendous effect regarding the matter of taking care of or exploring a new circumstance. A decent bailsman verifies that the respondent escapes from the correctional facility in least conceivable time.

5 Tips to Help You Avoid a DUI This Summer

20090730-A-3378P-356Sincerely speaking, seeing a police car following you, particularly if you are driving under the influence can be a very traumatic experience, even if know you’ve done nothing wrong. However, this kind of situation could end up resulting in a life-changing moment. In an effort to help you avoid a DUI this summer, here are some useful tips to help you avoid being arrested and convicted for driving while intoxicated.


1. No matter the amount, never drink and drive


While you may think that drinking just a small amount of alcohol is sufficient and wont do you any harm, certainly this doesnt work for each case. For instance, even two individuals of the same build, height, and weight may not consume the same amount of alcohol and process it at the same rate. A lot of factors contribute to the level of alcohol content in your blood and this is why you should never assume that by drinking just one bottle and drive cannot get you convicted for driving under influence. Additionally, if you get arrested, even if the breathalyzer result is below the limit, you are likely to be subjected to other tests, probably blood tests. If you intend to drive or operate machinery, it is best to avoid alcohol altogether.?


2. Dont accept to take any field sobriety tests


Another way that you can avoid a DUI conviction at any time is to decline taking any field sobriety test. Theoretically, these are intended to just determine your impairment, but are designed for failure to say. In most situations, once you are stopped for such allegation the traffic law enforcer has already made his decision to arrest and is just looking for more evidence to confirm his case. In short, he is the one to decide whether you fail or pass. In almost all states, its within law to decline to have such so-called field sobriety tests.?


3. Politely refuse to answer any question without a lawyer present


In legal circles, this is a cardinal rule that incriminating statements are only included in the police reports and testified in court at later date ? statements that points to your innocence are invariably misinterpreted, ignored or forgotten. This simply means that whatever you say or provide as evidence may not help you and its more likely to hurt you more.?


4. Refusing the Breathalyzer


Most of these handheld devices are only carried by law enforcement to help them decide whether to arrest or not to arrest and can often be inaccurate. In most places, drivers are not forced to take a breathalyzer (only in some states where under 21 years old are required to take it). Although in some places these tests results are accepted as evidence since they show alcohol presence without actually showing the level of alcohol content in the blood.?


5. Be polite and non-confrontational to a police officer


Whenever you are stopped for driving under the influence, do your best to stay calm, non-confrontational and very polite to the officers in charge. Of course, you can be pulled over and even accused of driving while intoxicated, but its more helpful and important to be calm and polite. This way, you may find yourself out of the long arms of the law.?


Conclusively, these are just a few tips to help you avoid a DUI this summer. There are several other things you can do as well to avoid such arrests or convictions. Check out ?for even more DUI resources.