Jury awards Georgia couple in wrongful death lawsuit against daycare

Enrolling a child in daycare means leaving your children in the care of another. But what happens when that individual fails to provide adequate care?

A couple from Georgia was forced to deal with this very question several years ago when their son drowned in a swimming pool while in the care of another. They had been under the impression that they were leaving their son with a licensed daycare. After his death, the parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the daycare providers, the Moons.

Initially when the parents were looking for a daycare provider, they contacted the Moons after seeing an advertisement. The Moons told the parents that they had applied for a daycare license and were waiting for it to be approved. Unfortunately the parents did not know that no license had been applied for and that the Moons’ backyard pool violated the county’s pool ordinance.

One day their young son made his way into the Moons’ backyard and into the pool — he drowned. His parents were no doubt shocked and devastated by the fatal accident. They were likely also frustrated after learning that they had been tricked into thinking the Moons’ were running a licensed daycare.

Since that day, the parents have been fighting to hold the Moons responsible for their negligence. Nearly three years later and after a four-day trial, a jury awarded the couple a multi-million dollar settlement for the death of their son and the pain and suffering that resulted.

This type of compensation can never reverse the accident. However it can help the family deal with their loss and help them move forward with their lives.



Couples’ prenups include weight limits, pet restrictions

Although many people feel a little uneasy about asking for a prenuptial agreement as a blooming relationship moves toward marriage, it has become a much more common occurrence for couples in Columbus and all across the country.

Prenuptial agreements help couples set expectations for issues such as debt obligations, property division, and alimony. But as these agreements become more widespread, for some people they are also becoming a bit less traditional in terms of the expectations outlined within them.

A recent article discussed the unique requirements detailed within some couples’ agreements. One couple, who promise that their agreement isn’t as shallow as it might seem, has a rule that neither of them can gain above a certain weight. If they do, the other spouse gets an extra $10,000 in the divorce. Furthermore, if the man gets above a certain weight, his wife can have sex with whomever she wants, according to the agreement. The two say the agreement is a way for both of them to stay healthy. The two also have a clause about having date nights at least two times per month.

Another groom-to-be discussed his prenuptial agreement, which contains guidelines about the involvement of his mother-in-law. He says his decision to add the guidelines stemmed from his last marriage, where his mother-in-law was around a bit too much. The man also has clauses in his prenup about how many cats his wife can have.

These types of “lifestyle clauses” are becoming more and more common as couples marry and remarry throughout their life. The agreements are seen by those who use them as a way to go into marriage with eyes wide open.



Season’s warnings: beware New York’s holiday drunk drivers

We all know the dangers of driving drunk. Even the people who do it know that it’s dangerously wrong.

At this time of year, perhaps more than any other, the dangers are heightened by people who’ve had too much to drink at holiday parties and then climb behind the wheels of their vehicles. One New York woman is struggling now to recuperate from devastating injuries she suffered in a car accident police say was caused by a drunk driver.  Not even a Palm Beach criminal lawyer could help.

The accident was about 160 miles northwest of Newburgh in Owego, New York.

It was there that a Rome, New York, man, 33, driving a Ford pick-up truck crossed the center line of a street and slammed into a Buick SUV driven by a woman, 64.

She suffered what were described as “extensive fractures to her left wrist, elbow, ankle and pelvis.”

While some observers might say she’s lucky to be alive, it’s difficult to describe anyone with those kinds of extensive and painful injuries to be lucky.

The man has been arrested on a number of charges, including felony driving while intoxicated and reckless driving. And get this: he was also charged for circumventing the ignition interlock device installed in his vehicle.

That means he has been convicted of drunken driving before and police believe he tampered with the ignition interlock device designed to prevent him from driving drunk again.

The woman, meanwhile, needs medical care that might well include physical therapy and other measures.

Please, if you plan to attend a holiday party this year, think of your own safety and the safety of other motorists and use a designated driver.

Can sleep apnea testing stop Wisconsin truck accidents?

Truck accidents are horrifying, but unfortunately common events throughout Wisconsin. Although there are many things that can cause a car accident, driver fatigue is a common contributing factor. Truckers work long hours and sometimes forge timesheets in order to move their cargo further without having to take the legally required rest breaks.

There are also truckers who are unable to get restful sleep because of a condition called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is more common in obese individuals and consists of shallow breaths or breathing stoppages which disrupt the normal sleep cycle. Individuals with sleep apnea are unable to obtain the deep restorative sleep needed to properly control a vehicle and are more likely to be involved in a car accident.

One woman who lost her husband in a truck accident says that sleep apnea testing should be required for truck drivers so that other people do not have to go through the pain and loss that she suffered.

“If you could have seen the scene that killed my husband or any of the other scenes that have been tied to sleep apnea and truck wrecks, it does look like a war zone,” the widow said at a public meeting of the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee and the Medical Review Board.

“How many more families have to be torn apart before we do something?” she asked.

The boards recently recommended mandatory sleep apnea testing for obese truckers and mandatory testing for truckers involved in fatigued driving crashes. Some trucking industry insiders are fighting the recommendations and it is unclear whether they will be adopted.



Bizarre Motorcycle and Truck Accident Kills Two

Witnesses to a bizarre series of roadway events starting with a motorcycle crash on I-45 in North Texas last week describe a scene of chaos and, ultimately, tragedy, as two people died and two others were hospitalized at the Baylor University Medical Center.
The incident began to unfold when a motorcyclist proceeding on I-45 north, riding with a group of other bikers, blew out his rear tire and lost control. He became quickly separated from the remainder of the group, which witnesses stated was traveling at a high rate of speed.
The group – which consisted of more than a dozen other bikers – then turned around on the highway and began traveling south on the northbound lanes, searching for their companion.
Motorists traveling in the proper direction began pulling off the road to avoid colliding with the bikes. One of those motorists was the driver of an 18-wheeler truck, who called 911 while pulling over. Before he got completely off the road, though, he was struck from behind by a car with three people inside. Aurelio Sauceda, another motorist who saw the collision, reported that “I heard the car hit his brakes and I turned around and that’s when I see him slam, rear end, into the semi.”
Two of those people died instantly. The other ended up in the hospital.
Witnesses say that the bikers initially thought that the truck driver had hit their friend, but add that the trucker never came near the biker or his motorcycle. The motorcyclist was injured and also brought to the hospital.
A Dallas County Sheriff’s Department spokesman said that the other motorcyclists left the scene before police had the opportunity to question them.

Milwaukee Man Gets 5 Years for Fatal Hit-And-Run Car Accident

A Milwaukee man was recently sentenced to five years in prison for driving drunk and causing a hit-and-run car accident that killed a motorcyclist last September.

The car accident occurred on Sept. 13, 2009, when 48-year-old Michael Dorsey, of Milwaukee, was driving his sports utility vehicle northbound on Green Bay Avenue while intoxicated and swerved onto West Congress Street, causing his vehicle to collide with 24-year-old motorcyclist Brandon Boston. Dorsey fled the scene of the accident shortly after it happened and failed to even check to see if Boston was ok following the fatal accident.

Reports did confirm that Boston was wearing a safety helmet but that it flew off his head during the crash. However, Boston was pronounced dead shortly after at Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa from fatal injuries sustained during the crash.

In other news…

Two Weekend Car Accidents Leave Six Injured in Milwaukee

Two separate car accidents in Milwaukee over the weekend has left 5 individuals recovering from moderate injuries and one woman fighting for her life.

The first accident occurred Saturday morning on Milwaukee’s north side near the intersection of Martin Luther King Drive and Ring Street. According to Milwaukee Police, the crash occurred when a vehicle traveling southbound on Martin Luther King Drive crossed the center line and struck a car traveling in the southbound lanes. The driver of the southbound car and two individuals in the northbound car were transported to a local hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. Police believe alcohol was a factor in this car accident and they’v retained boca raton personal injury lawyers.

Hurt After a Car Accident in Ohio

The law corporation is specialized in aiding sufferers of car accidents throughout Ohio’s State. Statistically, car crashes cases displayed by car accident attorneys result that was seasoned in greater negotiations for subjects. The consumers have acquired vast amounts. Shouldn’t you offer for your household and be doing that which you may to safeguard?

Along with being traumatized by an automobile accident, insurance companies frustrate by the setbacks many individuals. In such cases car wreck attorneys can help. Whether it’s currently keeping your state going through the insurance network or suing to have only settlement in Iowa; car wreck lawyers can help.

It’ll set you back nothing except your situation is satisfied. Call an Akron car accident lawyer or complete a case examination form nowadays and acquire free advice about your accident from of our Iowa car accident attorneys.

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Trucking Industry to take advantage of Driverless Car Drive

That is mainly due to the competitive drive being made for automobiles that are sovereign. Based on Wolfgang Bernard with Daimler, the time national laws enforced and regulation is completed, his business will soon prepare yourself with the primary sovereign tractor trailer.

Ultimately, the firm expects to make greener, safer, and more efficient robotic trucks which are also more appealing to future motorists.

Based on the preceding work on sovereign and motorist assistance systems for passenger cars that are upmarket of Mercedes Benz, it enables trucks to operate at rates up to 53 miles per hour with complete autonomy on public roads.

The Potentials Advantages of ‘Driverless Trucks’ and more trucking accidents.
Could get rid of the lack of motorists
New security systems in place designed to counter motorist problems that are common, that impact road security, including drowsy driving.
Could decrease the amount of truck crashes and deadly bus
Critics Suspicious of ‘Driverless Trucks’
The seeds have been put though widespread deployment of sovereign trucks is still a way away. For more information, a business that studies and reviews fleet management software, Software Advice, ran a survey of 385 adults to see what folks think relating to this technology. Most individuals surveyed don’t trust these sort of vehicles on the ride.

Girls were more likely than men to believe that vehicles could be more dangerous than vehicles used by human beings.
Most respondents could not be comfortable with driverless semi-trucks, even though it meant decreased carbon emissions or more affordable consumer products.
Challenges Ahead
No lack of hurdles stays for sovereign truck to hit on the highways in amounts. Daimler representatives have said that:

Local laws should take effect, enabling motorists to let go of the steering wheel.
The FMCSA will need to execute/compose new rules when using sovereign trucks, motorists must follow
Our Ideas
While welcome chances increase and in technology that encourage highway safety, the verdict is still out on tractor trailers that are sovereign. Before the road was hit by these futuristic semis, they need to be 100 percent dependable.

In theory, personal injury attorneys would be place by driverless vehicles out of business. In the end, producers tout crashes will be dramatically reduced by them. Few civil lawsuits are meant by fewer crashes. But however, injuries will be unavoidable–despite the innovative technology.

That said, what goes on when a driverless 18wheeler kills someone? Robots cannot just be charged using a crime.

Bottom line, there are a lot of unknowns. As robots be incorporated into society and our everyday life all together, lawmakers must wrestle with hold applications responsible and the best way to handle machines.

Chemical Dependency Assessments & Added Demands for Washington State DUI Arrests

While all DUI cases are very different, there are a few jobs so that you can finally solve their cases all drivers arrested for criminal charges in Tacoma will probably have to finish. Among those is getting a Chemical Dependency Assessment & complying with its recommendation.

Especially, RCW 46.61.506 states:

A diagnostic assessment and treatment recommendation will be ready under the direction of the court via an alcoholism agency accepted by the department of societal and health services or a qualified probation department accepted by the department of societal and health services. A duplicate of the report will be forwarded to the department of licensing as well as the court. On the basis of the diagnostic assessment, the court shall ascertain if the individual shall be required to perform a class in a alcohol information school accepted by the department of societal and wellness services or more intensive treatment in a plan accepted by the department of societal and well-being services…

The court shall notify the department of licensing it orders someone to finish a course or treatment plan under this particular section.

Farther, WAC 388-877B-0550 states:

Driving under the influence (DUI) evaluation services are diagnostic services requested by way of a court to establish a person ‘s engagement with alcohol along with other substances and also to advocate a plan of action.

In The Event the advice in subsection (3)(a) through (d) of the section is necessary and not easily obtainable, the record must include documentation of efforts to get the data.

Upon finishing the DUI evaluation, the person must be: (a) Notified of the outcome of the evaluation; and (b) Referred to the correct amount of care in accordance with patient placement criteria (PPC).

A behavioral health agency certified for chemical dependency evaluation only services may elect to offer discretionary plan-unique DUI evaluation services. Elective DUI evaluation services require additional plan-specific certification by the office of behavioral well-being and restoration of the department.